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this isn't completly gen, as there are brief scenes of kisses or more interspersed. However, the overall point of this vid is in no way about ships, but a rather shocking and eye opening look at the treatment of women in Supernatural. This is an excellent vid-but I do need to warn for triggers. If you watch the show you have a pretty good idea about how female characters get depicted.

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how painfully sad is it that I didn't even realize the opening was changing year to year. Bad viewer, bad.

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John Winchester and YED have a talk....(slight wincest mentioned)

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I can not tell you how funny this is:

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Various Women of Supernatural Recs

icons by silveronthetree

Vid:Roller by zimshan

Fic:in a little while, surely you'll be fine by velvetine01 -
a Tamera fic, immediately following The Magnificent Seven - there's some slight nongen, but the overall story is about her, and the death of her husband.

Fic:Drive by Diva5256
Also a Tamera/Magnificent Seven Coda fic, but it's a very different story. Again, a few lines of non gen in an otherwise gen story.

Fic: A Girl Who Sang the Blues by erushi
a Bela story - TRIGGER WARNING - the fic gets a lot closer to stating the things that were implied about Bela's childhood in the show. It's a tragic and painful look at Bela's life.

FIC: your ears turned to the roar by musesfool
the life and times of Jo Harvelle

There's a few others, but they've already been recced here : The most amazing Lilith piece ever and my favourite Bela fic


Mar. 12th, 2010 11:50 am
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This vid may have been intended as Sam/Dean, or as preslash, but you can see it as gen as well.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault


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