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What Always Happened by kaiyote
a Castiel fic - It is 2014 and a Dean from the past is asking, "What happened to you?"

Mans Worst Friend by Lassiter
a Crowley centric crack fic - As if canceling the Hellminster Hound Show on account of the apocalypse weren't bad enough...

Before the Skywriters, Before the Singing Telegram by seaouryou
a Gabriel to Trickster fic - He editorialized, but not as much as one would think.

Yea Verily, I Bring You Tidings of Great Whatever by seaouryou
another Gab to Trickster, with some very light Gab/Kali - God was the hearth and Gabriel was the dog that lied down before it

Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with by velvetine01
Ruby centric, warnings for dubcon, and implied violence - Arkansas is fucking disgusting in August. The heat is sweltering and the air is still and heavy. That's the first thing. The second is that she needs a body.

And Your Strength Will Equal Your Days by thinkatory
An Anna centric fic - Her love, her faith, they've never wavered. Only her mind has.
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And all the sinners saints by Irnan
(sort of) crack fic featuring Micheal and Lucifer

Carry On by The Grynne
drabble, AU, Cas after he Casploded, slightly cracky

Prerequisite for Winchesterdom by LaterTuesday
warnings for swearing, Greek myth and crack, plus some slightly disturbing imagery and light violence

Seeking Revelation by Pero
The archangel Castiel feels

Collect the Whole Set by Apocalypsos
a AU Becky fanfic that really works. If 5x22 had gone differently. Slightly meta.

EveryMan is a calvary by Ariadnes String
a Dean/Lisa thats still pretty gen, and actually shows them working out-one of the few that does.

My happily ever after by Bluebird pie
a Dean/Lisa from Ben's POV. Quite sad, realistic, without demonizing anyone.
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Taking Shape
by CrevanFox
Castiels new form
If Castiel were used to breathing he'd feel like he couldn't )

Devil's Due
by CrevanFox
written for writercon100's challenge how many fandoms can you fit in one hundred words?

Supernatural, Reaper, Firefly, Buffy, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Angel, Harry Potter crossover in 100 words )

Do Over, a what if
By CrevanFox
comment fic
prompt was Sam's powers develop early - it got AU.

warning for character death )
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John Winchester and YED have a talk....(slight wincest mentioned)

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I can not tell you how funny this is:


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