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And all the sinners saints by Irnan
(sort of) crack fic featuring Micheal and Lucifer

Carry On by The Grynne
drabble, AU, Cas after he Casploded, slightly cracky

Prerequisite for Winchesterdom by LaterTuesday
warnings for swearing, Greek myth and crack, plus some slightly disturbing imagery and light violence

Seeking Revelation by Pero
The archangel Castiel feels

Collect the Whole Set by Apocalypsos
a AU Becky fanfic that really works. If 5x22 had gone differently. Slightly meta.

EveryMan is a calvary by Ariadnes String
a Dean/Lisa thats still pretty gen, and actually shows them working out-one of the few that does.

My happily ever after by Bluebird pie
a Dean/Lisa from Ben's POV. Quite sad, realistic, without demonizing anyone.
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Various Women of Supernatural Recs

icons by silveronthetree

Vid:Roller by zimshan

Fic:in a little while, surely you'll be fine by velvetine01 -
a Tamera fic, immediately following The Magnificent Seven - there's some slight nongen, but the overall story is about her, and the death of her husband.

Fic:Drive by Diva5256
Also a Tamera/Magnificent Seven Coda fic, but it's a very different story. Again, a few lines of non gen in an otherwise gen story.

Fic: A Girl Who Sang the Blues by erushi
a Bela story - TRIGGER WARNING - the fic gets a lot closer to stating the things that were implied about Bela's childhood in the show. It's a tragic and painful look at Bela's life.

FIC: your ears turned to the roar by musesfool
the life and times of Jo Harvelle

There's a few others, but they've already been recced here : The most amazing Lilith piece ever and my favourite Bela fic


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