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Title: Forked as a Lightning Strike
Rating: R
Summary: They aren't the only set of siblings Azazel's raising, potential heir and devoted bodyguard, but Sam and Dean are, they know, the best. Written for [ profile] sammessiah's AntiChristmas 2010.
Warnings: Character death.
Word Count: 1050

so be it, threaten no more, to secure peace is to prepare for war
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Title: Inherit the Flames
Rating: PG
Summary: Dean is broken: chassis dented, fuel lines leaking inside and out. Written for [community profile] spn_bitesized.
Warnings: None
Word Count: 300

prisoners of love, a love in chains, with the same hot blood burning in our veins

Title: Ordered by the Righteous
Rating: R
Summary: Four ways Dean didn't go to hell and one way he did. Written for [community profile] spn_bitesized.
Warnings: Death, torture, surprise crossover
Word Count: 1200

if God's on the left, then I'm sticking to the right
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These fics are all dark fics-specifically ones that disturb you and leave you with that unsettled feeling. They also contain some pretty messed up triggers (death, torture, Deans time in Hell, violence). There is no dub or noncon of a sexual nature in these stories.

I'll cut your little heart out because you made me cry )
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I am thrilled to announce the existence of [community profile] spn_bitesized, a community for comment-sized Supernatural fanworks. We'll post a weekly theme every Friday and ask for prompts based off that theme in the comments. Then, you can create in response to the prompts. We accept fics, art, icons, short fanmixes, and any other comment-sized fanwork you feel inspired to make.

AU/AR week at spn_bitesized

Today marks the opening of the community with the first of our weekly theme posts. This week's theme: Alternate Universes and Alternate Realities. Leave a prompt or create a fanwork for any AU/AR idea that strikes your fancy, whether it's cracktastic or bitter or something else entirely.

We have a variety of themes selected for the next few weeks, so if you aren't inspired this week check back with us later.
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I can not tell you how funny this is:

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Various Women of Supernatural Recs

icons by silveronthetree

Vid:Roller by zimshan

Fic:in a little while, surely you'll be fine by velvetine01 -
a Tamera fic, immediately following The Magnificent Seven - there's some slight nongen, but the overall story is about her, and the death of her husband.

Fic:Drive by Diva5256
Also a Tamera/Magnificent Seven Coda fic, but it's a very different story. Again, a few lines of non gen in an otherwise gen story.

Fic: A Girl Who Sang the Blues by erushi
a Bela story - TRIGGER WARNING - the fic gets a lot closer to stating the things that were implied about Bela's childhood in the show. It's a tragic and painful look at Bela's life.

FIC: your ears turned to the roar by musesfool
the life and times of Jo Harvelle

There's a few others, but they've already been recced here : The most amazing Lilith piece ever and my favourite Bela fic


Mar. 12th, 2010 11:50 am
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This vid may have been intended as Sam/Dean, or as preslash, but you can see it as gen as well.

Find more videos like this on BAM Vid Vault
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Hullo fellow Supernatural gen fic readers/vid watchers (all 2 of you).

Please remember to tag your work (or recs) for searching convenience. A complete list of TAGS can be found here.

Any members can make/add tags if you need one that doesn't already exist.

Put all fics, all vids and more than one rec behind a cut please.

Remember, if not for us, non-porny plot bunnies would starve to death.

If you have any questons please leave 'em in the comments.

This post subject to change as further info, or craziness comes up.


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