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Taking Shape
by CrevanFox
Castiels new form

Taking human form. It's limiting. To go from a noncorporeal creature, with all the powers of heaven, into one tiny vessel.

If Castiel were used to breathing he'd feel like he couldn't, couldn't get enough air into his new physical lungs.

Of course he doesn't need to breathe anymore than he needs to eat.

His new body, Jimmy, fits like a tight suit. He puts his arms in front of himself, stretches. The first sensation.

This corporeal thing is going to take some getting used to, but for now he has a job to do, a boy to see about a mission.

Devil's Due
by CrevanFox
written for writercon100's challenge how many fandoms can you fit in one hundred words?

"What's this?" asked Sam, as the Devil passed him a paper.

"It's your list of souls, Sammie Boy" the Devil smiled.

"Uh, yeah, whatever buddy, you've got the wrong guy" said Dean, as he shot Sam a look.

"Voldermort, Angelus, Spike, the Deleks.... aren't these-"

"the worst damned ever to escape hell, Sammie. You don't want their evil in the world do you?"

"Joss Whedon is on this list" Sam said.

"Isn't that the Firefly, Buffy guy? those chicks were hot" Dean said, lost in dirty thoughts.

"Have you seen Dollhouse? Nuff said" the Devil replied.

"well, we can at least check into it," Sam suggested.

Do Over, a what if
By CrevanFox
comment fic
prompt was Sam's powers develop early - it got AU.

He's a baby and the cat disappears.

She doesn't think anything of it, except hey, better make sure the door is kept shut and all future pets are watched more closely.

He's 5 and the neighbourhood pets start to go missing too. She thinks the neighbourhood must have some sort of sicko loose and watches over her boys a little more closely.

It's while watching her boys that she notices how skittish Dean's become. He's nervous, sometimes even shaking. He screams when she goes to leave her sons in the living room so she can start dinner. He clings to her leg, more and more.

Sam's 7 when she comes home from grocery shopping and finds her husband on the floor, ripped apart. Sam is beside him, and covered in blood. She just stands there at first before Sam stretches his hand out at her and she's thrown up, and pinned to the ceiling. Then he calls the fire.

Smiling, Sam drags Dean, whose older and bigger but can't get away, out the door. Sam doesn't know where they're going, but something in his blood tells him they have places to be, and things to do, and his brother belongs at his side through all of it.

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